On Thursday, the Maryland Reporter ran a story highlighting a recent poll which found more than two thirds of Maryland voters support redrawing legislative district lines not by elected politicians, but by an independent commission.

It was clear by the report that voters are upset by politics as usual, and these poll results are indicative of the need voters feel that a change is in order.

Via Twitter, Allan Kittleman agrees with Maryland Voters:

It has been longstanding practice in the United States for elected officials to capitalize on the US Census data that becomes available to redraw legislative boundaries every ten years.  In Maryland, Democrats, who control the State Legislature and the Governor’s Mansion, are in full control of the process.

Whereas districts are supposed to be drawn complaint with the Voting Rights Act so that patterns of discrimination are not perpetuated, the reality is most districts are drawn solely to increase the likelihood that the party in power stays in power.

In Maryland, this issue is local.  When politicians stop campaigning because their districts have been “drawn safe,” accountability is lost and the voters lose.

Howard County is a great place to live and has benefited a great deal in recent years.  But we cannot afford to take a step backwards because we let our politicians go soft.  A breath of fresh air is good every once in an while…and that’s part of what I bring to the race for Howard County Executive.

-Allan Kittleman


Via Facebook, Allan Kittleman offered the following:


A lifelong resident of Howard County, twice elected to represent the 9th District in the Maryland State Senate, Allan Kittleman is running for Howard County Executive to strengthen Howard County schools, to bring jobs and economic development to Howard County, and to restore bipartisan, independent leadership to the County Council.  

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