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“When you put people before politics, awesome things can happen.”

-Allan Kittleman

“When you put people before politics, awesome things can happen.”

-Allan Kittleman

I’m an independent thinker who has always put Howard County residents first before party…before politics, period.

I’m an independent thinker who has always put Howard County residents first before party…before politics, period.

We live in an outstanding county. It has been nationally recognized for its quality of life, its top notch school system, its exceptional library, and so much more.

Our success did not just happen. It took all of us, working together as a community, to make us what we are today. It wasn’t Republicans; it wasn’t Democrats; it was all of us.

For me, making our community better is never been about partisan politics or who gets credit – I stand up for what’s right, which means I have stood up to my party when it mattered. Some people say we’re the opposite of what you see in Washington, D.C.

When I visit our schools each week, I make a point to chat with the children – it’s easily my favorite part of my job because when you look into the eyes of a 10-year old, it’s hard not to see how important the future is.

For me, it’s all about the future. It’s about a stronger public school system, one where classroom overcrowding is a problem of the past and all of our students have an excellent chance to succeed. It’s about building Howard County into a destination economy so businesses can flourish and our children have access to high paying jobs when they join the workforce or return home from college.

It’s about having an environment where all of us can live, work, learn, and play safely, and where an open and inclusive government encourages participation by everyone.

When those are your goals, it’s easy to put aside politics, stand up to party, and put the people first.

-Allan Kittleman

Democratic Councilman Jon WeinStein Endorses Allan Kittleman

“When you have somebody who has done an extraordinary job for our county, you just don’t give that up.”
– Jon Weinstein, Democratic Councilman, District 1

Join the Kittleman field team

Our grassroots network is active in a neighborhood near you!

Allan Kittleman receives Police Union Endorsements

“County Executive Kittleman has been there for the men and women who protect Howard County’s people and property, and we want to be there for him.”
– Chris Davis, President, H.C. Police Officers Association

#TEAMKITTLEMAN Marches on July 4th

On a very warm Independence Day, Team Kittleman celebrates the USA in force!

Stronger, Smarter, and Safer

“We will save Historic Ellicott City through a plan that is bold, innovative and transformative.” – Allan Kittleman

Kittleman Campaign On TV

Allan Kittleman’s first TV commercial, “Bring People Together” is a big hit with Howard County voters. Residents appreciate Kittleman’s positivity and focus on issues.

2018 'State of Howard County' address

“I have said before and I’ll say it again, I reject the politics of hate and exclusion.” – Allan Kittleman

Fire Fighters Support Allan Kittleman

It’s official! IAFF Local 2000 President Richard L. Ruehl announced IAFF Local 2000’s endorsement of Allan Kittleman for County Executive in 2018.

County Executive Allan Kittleman vetoed CB9 (which would have made Howard County a Sanctuary County) calling it a “bad solution to a problem that doesn’t exist in Howard County”. Great executive leadership on display. Thanks for doing the right thing for Howard County Allan!

Michael Douglas

Elkridge, Maryland

The Polls Open Tomorrow! Here’s How You Can Help!

When we needed him, Allan Kittleman was there.  Now it's our turn to be there for him. Here are three important things you can do to help ensure Allan wins re-election tomorrow. 1) Make a plan to get to the polls. Voting is easy to forget about, especially when the...

Kittleman Fundraising Shows Broad Support for Re-election Effort

County Executive Allan Kittleman has a nearly $95,000 cash advantage over his challenger, Democratic County Councilman Calvin Ball. Kittleman brought in more than twice the amount of Ball’s contributions in the last two months. County Executive Allan Kittleman’s...

Vote for My Dad! – Haley Kittleman Castelli Takes To TV

Four years ago, when my Dad made the decision to run for County Executive, I knew he'd do a great job. I knew he would lead Howard County with honesty and integrity. Now, four years later, I'm even more proud of the job he has done leading our county. 

Early Voting Starts Today! Vote for Allan Kittleman

Today is the big day! Early Voting in Howard County has begun! At these four locations, Howard County residents can cast their ballots now through Thursday, November 1st. Miller Library - Ellicott City Bain Center - Columbia Ridgely's Run Community Center - Jessup...

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