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Allan Kittleman A Proven Independent Leader

Allan and Robin Kittleman

Allan and Robin Kittleman

Born in 1958, Kittleman grew up in what would become Columbia, fishing and swimming in Lake Kittamaquandi and playing baseball on Little League fields in Eastern Howard County. He attended County schools (Atholton Elementary, Ellicott City and Hammond Middle Schools, and Atholton High School) and graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and the University of Maryland Law School.

Allan Kittleman’s youth included the norms of American life, and some exceptions. He collected baseball cards bought at the Wilde Lake Pharmacy, and played catcher for youth and travel baseball teams. He also took Black History in high school and was the only white student in that 10th grade class. His father, the late Bob Kittleman, was the first white person to join the

Bob Kittleman, President of Howard County NAACP (picture taken in 1972)

Bob Kittleman, President
of Howard County NAACP
(picture taken in 1972)

Howard County Chapter of the NAACP and is the only white person to be President of the Howard County Chapter. He fought for equal rights when those fundamental freedoms were still in question. He faced death threats and intimidation but never wavered from the fight for equality. Allan has continued his father’s legacy by supporting legislation to ensure that all Marylanders are treated equally.

All his life Allan has worked with Howard Countians on important causes, regardless of party affiliation or economic status. His critical legislative votes in favor of same sex marriage and of repealing the death penalty in Maryland reflect an independence and open-minded approach that has framed his career.

Allan Kittleman’s life has been a steady preparation for service and leadership.

In addition to his commitment to civil rights, Allan also strongly believes in economic freedom. He has one of the highest business ratings in the Maryland Legislature. He understands that the key to our economic success is found in encouraging businesses to expand or relocate in Howard County.

Early Years
Allan Kittleman’s youth included hard work on his family’s farm in West Friendship, and attending NAACP meetings at the First Baptist Church of Guilford with his father. His first job was as a clerk at the Sav-A-Lot drug store in the Oakland Mills Village Center. Later, he worked as a dishwasher and prep cook at the early Cross Keys restaurant in Columbia’s Town Center.

He commuted to college courses at UMBC and graduated with a degree in Political Science. After student-teaching in social studies at Dunloggin Middle School and Glenelg High School, he decided he wanted to go to law school and worked his way through the night course at the University of Maryland while holding down a day job to help support himself and his wife, Robin. In addition to being in the Maryland State Senate, Allan is employed as an attorney for an Ellicott City law firm and represents employers in workers’ compensation cases.

Allan Kittleman A Proven Independent Leader …and Family Man


The Kittleman Family

Allan and Robin have four children
—Haley, Mary, Robby, and James

Robin is a speech pathologist working with deaf and hard of hearing children in the Montgomery County Public School System, and serves on the Board of the Maryland School for the Deaf.

Allan and Robin have four children—Haley, Mary, Robby, and James. Haley teaches Spanish and Latin at Howard County’s Glenelg High School while Mary is a junior at College Park. Robby is a freshman at James Madison University, and James is a sophomore at Glenelg High School.

Political Career
Allan’s father, Senator Bob Kittleman won election to the Maryland House of Delegates in 1982 and served in the Legislature until his death in 2004. Allan followed his example, becoming President of the Howard County Republican Club and then Chairman of the Howard County Republican Central Committee. He was elected to the Howard County Council in 1998 and 2002, and was appointed to succeed his father in the State Senate following Bob’s death in 2004.

Senator Allan Kittleman won election to the Senate in his own right in 2006 and 2010, and became Minority Leader in 2008. After announcing his support of marriage equality (equal rights for all Marylanders who wanted to enter into same sex marriages), Kittleman resigned his leadership position out of respect for his Republican colleagues whom he felt would prefer to have a leader who is more socially conservative. He continues to advocate for legislation to improve the business climate in Maryland and protect civil liberties.

Allan Kittleman sold fruits and vegetables at a road-side stand along Route 32 when he was a young farmer in the 1960’s and 70’s. Allan and his father planted their own fruit trees, dug fence post holes, and strung fence wire to make their farm productive. He knew hard work and hard times along his way to public office, and knew Howard Countians of all parties and backgrounds.

His political roots in the Republican Party grew from his father’s commitment to fairness and equality. His service on the Howard County Council and in the State Senate has been marked by that same commitment to independence, fairness, and fiscal prudence that have helped Howard County grow and prosper. He is proud of his willingness to work with leaders and legislators of both political parties. His first priorities are improving the county’s excellent schools, public safety, and human services. Allan Kittleman is a proven, independent leader.