Allan Kittleman announces campaign to regain position as Howard County executive

This article originally appeared on on Sept. 5th.

Former Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman announced Sunday that he is running again for the position in 2022 after losing his bid for a second term in 2018.

Kittleman, a Republican, confirmed his campaign for county executive in a five-minute video posted on YouTube on Sunday. He touted a record of “accessibility, accountability and equity” as qualifications for the position.

“Howard County is my family, my community and my life,” Kittleman said in the video. “These past few years, we’ve seen our community go in the wrong direction. We’re more divided, more taxed and more worried about our shared future.”

Read the article in its entirety here.

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Allan Kittleman is running for Howard County Executive in 2022 to make Howard County a more affordable, safer, and welcoming place where kids can learn in their neighborhood school and folks can comfortably live, work and play. Allan is not taking any donations amounting to more than $250 and is taking ZERO dollars from special interest groups, political parties, trade unions, or corporations. Join our campaign today. Sign up at

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