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You may have noticed some changes along Route 32 recently. Progress

For years, Route 32 has been one of the most of the congested roads in Central Maryland and, unfortunately, home to some of the worst traffic accidents in the region. Making key safety improvements, including adding lanes, has long been a priority put off by local leaders for decades.

But that all changed when Governor Larry Hogan and County Executive Allan Kittleman were elected. In 2015, the two met and agreed something had to be done to fix Route 32.

Soon, the Hogan and Kittleman Administrations collaborated on an improvement plan that included funding for new lanes from Linden Church Road to Route 108 and road improvements that will ultimately make the road safer for our families who depend on it to travel every day.

Allan Kittleman: Route 32 Must Be Made Safer

Funded jointly between the State of Maryland and Howard County, the $37.5 million dualization project also provides much needed safety improvements including the construction of a median separating the high-speed, opposite moving traffic flows.

On a road that has seen in excess of 30 crashes more than an average state road (per 100 million vehicle miles travelled), motorists will now be able to feel safer when travelling along this portion of Route 32.

Improving this 2.5-mile section of Route 32 will also reduce congestion by over 70% during morning and afternoon rush hours.

Less dependence on back roads

Yes, improvements in our transportation infrustructure will positively impact the local economy and create a better quality of life for those that live in western Howard County.

Adding lanes to Route 32 will decrease the amount of cut-through traffic currently using local roads. This project will also decrease commute times, so motorists can spend more time with their loved ones instead of sitting in traffic.

A Safer Route 32: On Schedule

Both the State and the County have worked diligently over the past several years to reduce the amount of construction time and minimize the disruption to the surrounding community. As a result of these efforts, the project to dualize Rt. 32 is on schedule for completion by fall of 2018.

A safer Route 32…now that is something we can all agree is a good thing for Howard County.

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