Allan H. Kittleman

Allan Kittleman is running for Howard County Executive in 2022 to make Howard County a more affordable, safer, and welcoming place where kids can learn in their neighborhood school and folks can comfortably live, work and play. Allan is not taking any donations amounting to more than $250 and is taking ZERO dollars from special interest groups, political parties, trade unions, or corporations. Join our campaign today. Sign up at

County Executive Calvin Ball’s Administration Violated The Law

After raising $630,000 from land developers and special interest entitieIn late July, a Circuit Court Judge recognized County Executive Ball’s Office acknowledged that they knowingly and willfully violated the Public Information Act when they illegally withheld almost 500 emails that reveal Ball’s office met with lobbyist Tom Coale and several of his special interest clients to discuss controversial land development deals. 

In the race for Howard County Executive, Allan Kittleman surges with grassroots support; Calvin Ball financed by special interests

WEST FRIENDSHIP, MD – Allan Kittleman announced today that more than 1,430 individuals have donated to his campaign since he announced his candidacy last fall; evidence of the strong and growing support for his bid to become Howard County Executive. Meanwhile, current County Executive Calvin Ball has received more than $619,000 from special interests, including more than $57,000 from one developer.

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