Ball campaign continues to flaunt election fundraising laws in Howard County, Kittleman campaign says in complaint

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 Media Contact: Phil Nichols, Campaign Manager, (443) 340-7398

WEST FRIENDSHIP, MD – County Executive Calvin Ball’s campaign continues to flaunt state election fundraising laws, this time by accepting contributions from a prominent local developer that exceed legal limits, the campaign for County Executive candidate Allan Kittleman said in a letter today to the Maryland State Board of Elections.

Kittleman’s campaign is calling on the state elections board to launch an investigation and to “pursue all civil and criminal actions necessary under the law to hold Calvin Ball and his team accountable for these flagrant violations and uphold the integrity of our campaign finance laws,” the letter said.

The violations at the heart of the complaint center on:

  • Ball’s campaign taking $8,500 ($2,500 over the legal limit) from local land developer Donald Reuwer, Reuwer’s family, employees and affiliated business entities contributed more than $90,000 to Ball’s campaign, even though Maryland law specifies the $6,000 donation limit applies to business entities if the individuals owning over 80% of them are the same.

“This raises serious questions about the inability of Calvin Ball’s campaign to follow the most fundamental aspects of our campaign finance laws, and the outsized influence of developers on certain politicians which can result in overdevelopment and the overcrowding of schools in pursuit of returning favors,” Kittleman’s campaign said in the letter.

For a copy of the full letter, you can read it here.

Earlier this year, Kittleman’s campaign filed a complaint with the state elections board that Ball’s campaign is already under investigation for accepting contributions larger than $6,000 from seven developers, lobbyists, and other individuals.

“Throughout this campaign, Calvin Ball has accepted hundreds of thousands from special interests in a manner that shows willful evasion of Maryland’s campaign finance laws’” Kittleman’s campaign wrote in the letter. “I feel it is the duty of the State to ensure a level playing field, and I respectfully request that Calvin Ball be held accountable for these violations.”

Kittleman, on the other hand, is participating in the Citizens’ Election Fund, financing his campaign through donations of $250 or less from individuals, not businesses, development companies or other special interest groups. Kittleman’s campaign is the largest grassroots political campaign in county history. 


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