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Kittleman Receives Additional Endorsements from Howard County’s Key Public Safety Leaders–reaching a total of 6 former Chiefs

More of Howard County’s former public safety leaders who served under previous Democratic and Republican administrations are supporting Allan Kittleman to be the next Howard County executive.  The leaders, whose service ...
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Kittleman Calls On Ball To Immediately Extend Aging in Place Tax Credit

With National Inflation estimates touching 9%, Calvin Ball’s tax increases are hitting Howard County residents in vulnerable communities especially hard.  Calvin Ball Tax and Fee Increases:  Taxes on Real Property ...
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Ball Administration Called Into Court for Backroom Development Deal

A lack of ethics, gross incompetence, and potential violations of the law have Calvin Ball’s Administration being called into court for attempting to circumvent a public process in order to ...
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Funded by Special Interests, Calvin Ball also accepts illegal contributions in race for Howard County Executive

WEST FRIENDSHIP, MD – July 14, 2022 Media Contact: Phil Nichols, Campaign Manager, (443) 340-7398  Allan Kittleman’s campaign filed a complaint today with the State Board of Elections outlining 7 ...
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In the race for Howard County Executive, Allan Kittleman surges with grassroots support; Calvin Ball financed by special interests

Media Contact: Phil Nichols, Campaign Manager, (443) 340-7398  WEST FRIENDSHIP, MD – Allan Kittleman announced today that more than 1,430 individuals have donated to his campaign since he announced his ...
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Calvin Ball’s FY23 School Budget is Completely Inadequate

In a letter dated May 17th, Allan Kittleman continued his call for the County Council to fix funding gaps found in County Executive Calvin Ball's recent budget submission. In the ...
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