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On Monday evening, the Howard County Council voted to pass the Kittleman Weinstein Plan to Save Ellicott City.

In a 3-2 vote, the council members approved the $40 million proposals to solve the flooding problems that have plagued Historic Ellicott City for over two centuries.

“Finally, we’re going to stop studying and start doing things,” said Frank Durantaye, an Ellicott City business owner and resident.

Durantaye has been pushing for major structural change since the city’s West End flooded in 2011.

The appropriated money will fund flood and stormwater mitigation projects above the town to reduce the amount of water that flows down and will fund the demolition of several buildings that sit on or close to the Tiber to widen the channel as it flows to the Patapsco River.

The bipartisan plan took seven years to develop and will transform Historic Ellicott City into a place where residents and business owners can finally feel safe again.

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