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Announcement Made Live On WBAL 1090’s C4 Show

Allan Kittleman’s reelection campaign today received a big boost when current Democratic Councilman Jon Weinstein announced his support for Kittleman’s reelection as Howard County Executive.

Kittleman and Weinstein have been working together on numerous issues since they were elected four years ago, none though as prevalent as the recovery and transformation of historic Ellicott City following devastating floods in 2016 and 2018. Weinstein was elected to the Howard County Council in 2014 representing District 1, the same year Kittleman was elected as County Executive. Weinstein is the former Chairman of the County Council.

“I have a unique perspective to see what makes Allan Kittleman the right person at the right time for this County. His ability to rise above the partisan rancor that is infecting our politics and just do what’s right is what we need in Howard County and beyond,” Weinstein said.

“I’ve seen him respond with calm and intense determination while under the immense pressure and spotlight of helping a city devastated by flooding-not once, but twice. His compassion for the residents and business owners and ability to take charge under such extreme duress is something those of us in Ellicott City will never forget, and will be forever grateful.”

“I weighed my decision to support Allan in the same way I have deliberated on the issues before the Council during my term; considering the facts and determining what is best for the people I represent in D1 and for Howard County. I simply believe this is the right thing to do.”

“When you have somebody who has done an extraordinary job for our county, you just don’t give that up,” Weinstein added. “In fact, there are some development projects in District 1 that I’ve been concerned about, and if it weren’t for Allan Kittleman, those projects would already be underway.”

“I’m honored to have Jon’s support. We’ve worked together in some of the most difficult situations this County has seen,” Kittleman said. “He understands, as I do, that this country needs more partnerships and less partisanship, and when you can reach across party lines and work together to get things done, amazing things can happen.”

Weinstein and Kittleman recently put forward a plan to transform Historic Ellicott City and save the community from further loss of life and damage. The plan included input from public meetings, numerous studies, and government agencies. It’s been introduced before the county council and there will be a public hearing on the budget legislation to fund the plan on Sept. 17th.

Kittleman has been airing commercials featuring several Howard County Democrats and Independents touting their support for the County Executive’s re-election campaign. Those commercials can be found here.

Kittleman was elected to serve as Howard County’s 9th County Executive and sworn into office on December 1st, 2014. Since taking office, the Kittleman Administration has earned high marks for turning around an inherited $16M budget deficit and creating a $28M surplus just 24 months later through effective management and fiscal prudence.

In almost four years as County Executive, Kittleman has proven himself to be an independent leader focused on improving the lives of families in Howard County. Kittleman has fought to create jobs, improve schools, and reduce traffic congestion in Howard County. He made rebuilding Ellicott City a priority after the floods of both 2016 and 2018, focused efforts on celebrating the County’s diversity, and turned Downtown Columbia into a reality, all in a fiscally prudent and open manner.