Vipin Sahijwani: Help Allan's Campaign Become Eligible For Up To $700,000 in CEF Matching Funds

My name is Vipin Sahijwani and I live with my family in Ellicott City.

In a minute, I am going to ask you to support Allan Kittleman's campaign by making a quick donation below, but first, please allow me to tell you why the future of our communities are depending on it.

Like many in our neighborhood, I chose to raise my family in Howard County because I valued the world-class education provided by the school system. For me, quality education is invaluable and I wanted to be sure my family received one.

But in recent years, several concerning developments have occurred and it's becoming increasingly clear HCPSS is headed in the wrong direction. The pandemic strained a lot of institutions, but I don't think anyone could have expected how much HCPSS struggled to deal with the challenges it faced.

Howard County residents have had their taxes raised time and time again so that our politicians could "dedicate adequate resources to the school system." But during the pandemic when it mattered most, the school system struggled mightily to provide even basic education services to school kids, let alone any sort of remote learning.

Instead of being part of the solution, our current County Executive made a bad situation worse by instituting a policy removing school resource officers - the security personnel tasked with ensuring our kids are safe while on school grounds - from many facilities, including all HCPSS Middle Schools.

Now, the people in power are working to redraw school boundary lines under HCPSS Redistricting Policy 6010 - a policy that requires boundaries to be drawn with consideration to racial and socioeconomic standards. This means kids won't necessarily go to the schools in their local neighborhood!

This is unacceptable.

Something needs to change and Allan Kittleman is the right person to bring that change.

He's done the job before and has always made HCPSS his number one priority.

I know the November elections seem far off, but they will be here very soon. It is critical that we act now to ensure his campaign has the resources it needs to be successful on Election Day.

If enough Howard County residents donate to Allan's campaign, his campaign committee will become eligible for a maximum of $700,000 in matching funds through Howard County's new Citizens' Election Fund.

Thanks for your time. I hope you will consider this request. The future of our community depends on it.


Vipin Sahijwani
Ellicott City


Allan Kittleman has opted into using the Howard County Citizens' Election Fund (CEF) that uses public financing.

This means Allan Kittleman will not accept donations from special interests such as political action committees, corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), unions, and no donations in the aggregate of over $250.

But it also means that donations made from Howard County residents will be matched by the Howard County Citizens' Election Fund.

Your Donation: CEF Match: Allan's Campaign Receives:
$25 $175 $200
$50 $350 $400
$100 $550 $650
$150 $600 $750
$200 $600 $800
$250 $600 $850

Allan is building the largest grassroots campaign in the history of Howard County to ensure that your voice is fully represented and he wants you to be a part of it.

So help kick things off today with a donation today and help Allan's campaign become eligible for over $700,000 in matching funds. 

If you prefer to mail your donation, simply print and fill out this form, and mail the form and check to:

Friends of Allan Kittleman
3375 Ellicott Center Drive #1517
Ellicott City, MD 21041

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