Education - The Kittleman Record

Allan Kittleman knows that there is no greater responsibility for a community than to provide its children with a quality education. He’s committed to providing students and teachers the resources they need to be successful, creating an inclusive and secure learning environment, and ensuring that the school system is responsive to the concerns of parents.

Kittleman Record

As County Executive, he did exactly that. Kittleman fully funded teacher salaries and met regularly with the HCPSS Superintendent to work on school and community concerns. He improved Special Education funding, and he mediated a settlement to help the school system end the contract of an unpopular superintendent.
The Kittleman administration exceeded Maintenance of Effort funding each year he was in office and he fully funded teacher-negotiated pay increases. He led the process to build an elementary school in Turf Valley, replace Talbott Springs Elementary School, accelerated the Hammond High School renovation/addition and negotiated the purchase of the property for the 13th high school and initiated the funding for its construction.

Kittleman made the safety of our children and teachers a top priority. As County Executive, he put together a plan to expand School Resource Officers (SROs) in middle schools and funded enhanced security measures for our schools.

A Stark Contrast
Kittleman’s record on education is in sharp contrast to the current county executive. County Executive Ball has used his position to politicize our school system by removing SROs from our middle schools, and limiting their interactions in high schools. Ball stood by while kids were unnecessarily moved from their neighborhood schools and had members of his senior staff contact Howard County residents asking them not to oppose the unpopular school redistricting plan.

Looking Ahead
When elected, Kittleman will work to ensure that funding is focused on the classrooms, that our children, teachers and families have a safe and strong learning environment, and that students have the opportunity to attend their neighborhood schools.


Calvin Ball has not made funding our public schools a priority. In his FY23 proposed budget, for the first time in recent memory, the percentage of general funds dedicated to the school system was less than 50%.

Allan Kittleman consistently fully funded special education and made it a priority, unlike current County Executive Calvin Ball, who even in his last proposed budget, underfunded special education by $9 million.

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