Allan Kittleman on Education

Education continues to be County Executive Kittleman’s #1 priority

  • Kittleman brought new leadership to HCPSS;
  • Kittleman fully funded the HCPSS Superintendent’s budget for kids, classrooms and teachers,
  • Kittleman stepped in to help alleviate overcrowding in schools by speeding up the process to build a 13th high school and fast-tracked a study group for a future school in Elkridge;
  • Kittleman purchased land in Turf Valley for a new elementary school.
  • Kittleman also worked with the school system to improve school security measures in all grade levels,
  • Kittleman fully funded negotiated teacher salary increases and special education positions.

Funding the Howard County Public School System at Record Levels

Kittleman’s budget fully funded the $594.5 million county funding requested by HCPSS Superintendent Dr. Michael Martirano.

Allan's budget is:

  • $21.6 million, or 3.8 percent, more than FY18,
  • $11.4 million above the required Maintenance of Effort (MOE) level
  • includes $11 million in one-time funding to assist in addressing the school system’s $50 million Health Fund shortage.

As a result, more money is being invested into Howard County schools than ever before in County history. This helps:

  • secure our schools,
  • renovate aging school buildings,
  • build new schools to meet enrollment growth,
  • improve technology,
  • and support systemic renovations.

Outstanding educators are being well compensated and supported in the classroom, and all students have opportunities to excel.

Allan Kittleman is addressing classroom overcrowding through proactive collaborative planning with the school system.

Allan also included an amendment to the FY19 budget to add $500,000 to address classroom sizes by cutting county spending.

Allan Kittleman Stood Up For Students, Teachers, and Families; Helped Bring New Leadership To Howard County Public Schools

Allan Kittleman Took Action

When the dispute between the Board of Education and Superintendent Renee Foose gave rise to confrontation at public meetings, Allan Kittleman called both sides in for a confidential meeting to resolve differences.

When the parties failed to reach an agreement, Allan Kittleman was the one person in Howard County who was trusted by both sides to mediate a settlement.

Though some, including a member of the County Council, said mediation was impossible, Allan Kittleman successfully managed the mediation for more than four months.

In the end, Allan's steadfast determination enabled the Board of Education to hire Dr. Michael Maritarano to head up the Public School system.

Allan Kittleman Invested in School Safety

In 2018, Allan Kittleman, alongside the School Superintendent and the Chief of the Howard County Police, announced $2.5 million in new security enhancements at elementary, middle and high schools

Allan Kittleman’s 2019 budget also includes significant County investment in HCPSS systemic renovations ($25.5 million), covering enhanced security at elementary, middle and high schools, special education needs, indoor environmental quality improvements, and various HVAC and renovation projects.

Through executive action, Allan Kittleman is doing more to keep schools safe from outside threats.

Yes to School Resource Officers

Allan Kittleman’s Operating Budget also allocated funding in the county police budget to double the number of School Resource Officers (SRO) at middle schools, as well as provided $86,000 for the Office of Emergency Management to contract a planning professional to assist HCPSS with school safety strategy.

In addition to the $1.1 million to upgrade security at each high school in his 2019 Capital Budget, Allan Kittleman also included $1.4 million in Non-Departmental PAYGO for capital improvements to further enhance school security.

Allan has said it many times: There is nothing more important than the safety of our children and his funding will help improve security at elementary, middle and high schools.

Because no student, parent, or educator should worry about their safety when they step inside a school, I worked with HCPSS and HCPD to find funds for additional school safety infrastructure.

Building New Schools

Allan Kittleman provided funding in his FY 2019 budget to help complete the Waverly Elementary School Renovation/Addition project ($4.0 million) and construction of the new 42nd elementary school, Hanover Hills Elementary ($8.1 million) to accommodate the growing number of children in the northeastern and southeastern regions of the county.

The 13th High School

Kittleman’s funding significantly accelerates the new 13th high school ($6.7 million) with planning and design starting in FY 2019 and completion expected in 2023, four years earlier than the completion date of 2027 in last year’s budget.

This new high school will be designed to accommodate enrollment projections with a proposed capacity of 1,615 students.

The budget also moves up the start of Hammond High School Renovation/Addition ($4.0 million) from FY 2023 to FY 2019 based on a recently completed high school capacity needs assessment. State funds for replacement of Talbott Springs Elementary School were rejected by the State.

To advance this project, County Executive Allan Kittleman included $6.3 million to start construction work while waiting for the decision of an appeal HCPSS has filed with the State.

New Elementary School Near Turf Valley

Moreover, County Executive Kittleman continues to support existing and future school site land acquisition needs. Additional school site funding of $3.8 million will complete the acquisition of the Mission Road school site and advance the acquisition of land for an elementary school site in the Turf Valley neighborhood of Ellicott City.

Elkridge High School Task Force

Recognizing the student population growth and desire for a high school in the Elkridge area, Allan Kittleman created the Elkridge High School Task Force. This community advisory group will recommend parcels of land where a new high school could be built in Elkridge.

Kittleman works proactively and collaboratively with HCPSS to identify and meet school construction, expansion, and renovation needs, including engaging in long-range planning to identify opportunities to alleviate overcrowding in Howard County’s schools.

Achieve 24/7 Education Initiative

In the FY 2018 budget, County Executive Allan Kittleman earmarked funds for the first time for his innovative Achieve 24/7 initiative. A year later, the community is already seeing results from this effort to address and eliminate barriers to student achievement.

This past year, under Kittleman’s leadership, the county began engaging families in Oakland Mills to develop collaborative strategies to address the community’s needs.

Projects such as Ready Rosie, a program to help parents with children under 5 prepare for school, and the Weekend Warriors, a summer program that provides healthy meals to students, are unqualified successes.

Enrichment Programs in Oakland Mills

The Kittleman Administration, working with the HCPSS and Oakland Mills Middle School, funded programs for ninety students in July 2018. Each day, students received breakfast and lunch, and attended math proficiency and enrichment classes.

County Executive Kittleman continues to fund Achieve 24/7 by targeting initiatives that address child mental health, disconnected youth, summer food access, math proficiency and enrichment programs.

The FY 2019 budget provides $400,000 to continue programs including child mental health services, alternatives to incarceration, and efforts to close performance gaps based on evaluation results of the county’s Head Start program.

Howard Community College and the Howard County Library System

County Executive Kittleman’s commitment to education continues with projects for Howard Community College (HCC) and the Howard County Library System.

Last year, HCC opened a much-needed Science, Engineering and Technology building with County support.

Nursing, Science, and Technology

In FY 2019, Kittleman included $9.2 million in County funding for completion of the Nursing, Science and Technology building renovation and other improvements on the campus.

Earlier this year, under Kittleman’s leadership, the county finished the renovation of the East Columbia Library and opened the Elkridge Library and 50+ Center.

In addition, planning, design and some construction work is expected to commence at the Glenwood Library with prior appropriation.

County Executive Allan H. Kittleman takes tremendous pride in all of the services his administration provides and looks forward to serving residents through the continuous investment in our priorities, supporting our shared goals for a community where everyone can live, work, learn and play.

Howard County's Proven Independent Leader

Allan Kittleman for Howard County

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