Help Allan Kittleman Become Eligible For Up To $700K in Matching Funds

Allan's campaign is already eligible to receive $380,000 in Howard County Matching Funds. If another 1,000 Howard County residents come forward to make donations of up to $250, Allan will be eligible for up to $700,000.

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Allan Kittleman is NOT accepting donations from:

  • special Interests
  • businesses or development corporations
  • unions
  • political action committees

Allan is only accepting donations of up to $250 per person now through the end of the Election.

Over 900 Howard County residents have already helped Allan become eligible for $380,000 in Marching Funds. Now we need more donors to help get Allan to $700,000.

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Subject: I am supporting Allan Kittleman and I hope you will, too.


Dear NAME-

I'm really concerned Howard County is going in the wrong direction and something needs to change. That's why I'm putting my support behind Allan Kittleman for County Executive.

Unlike the current County Executive, Calvin Ball, Allan is NOT taking donations over $250 and won't take any donations from special interests, unions, political parties, developer companies, or corporations.

Right now, Kittleman's campaign needs people to donate so they can become eligible for up to $700,000 in Howard County matching funds.  

I donated some money to his campaign. Will you donate too? 

This is our chance to elect a guy who truly cares about the future of our community.

Here is the link to his donation page:

Let me know how it goes. Thanks!

Your Name

Howard County's Proven Independent Leader

Allan Kittleman for Howard County

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