I Endorse Allan Kittleman!

Every day, people from all over Howard County step forward in support of Allan Kittleman’s campaign for County Executive.

Aside from voting for Allan this fall, filling out the form doesn’t require you to do anything –although we’d love it if you granted us permission to add your name to the endorsement page on Kittleman.com!

Thank you so much for your support. It really means a lot to Allan.

"I Endorse Allan Kittleman"

This simple form enables Howard County residents to add their name and show their support for Allan's positive campaign!

    Appear in a testimonial video that will be aired on social media and television. The campaign team will be in touch with details.
  • Here's your chance to write a few sentences explaining why you think Allan will make a great leader for Howard County!

Howard County's Proven Independent Leader

Allan Kittleman for Howard County

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