Funded by Special Interests, Calvin Ball also accepts illegal contributions in race for Howard County Executive

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WEST FRIENDSHIP, MD – July 14, 2022

Media Contact: Phil Nichols, Campaign Manager, (443) 340-7398 

Allan Kittleman’s campaign filed a complaint today with the State Board of Elections outlining 7 illegal contributions The Calvin Ball Team has received during the race for Howard County Executive.

Dr. Calvin Ball has already received over $632,000 in special interest money through the campaign so far, but in addition, he took illegal contributions from a developer, a registered lobbyist from Prince George’s County, and former Howard County Executive Ken Ulman, among others.

In a letter to the State Board of Elections, Campaign Manager Phil Nichols said,

“By virtue of the reporting software now in use, any campaign would be alerted to know that these donors have exceeded their $6,000 per election cycle limit to any one candidate. These illegal contributions are being reported anyway by The Calvin Ball Team despite the obvious violation of applicable limits. It is unclear how such avoidance — actually flouting — of the law is allowed to occur and persist.

These violations are blatant, repetitive, and substantive in giving an advantage to Dr. Calvin Ball in a competitive race. I respectfully request that the appropriate enforcement mechanisms, including sanctions of civil penalties and full refunds of the overages, be implemented immediately.”

Below are the illegal contributions:

  • RE Group Incorporated– contributed an aggregate of $7,000 exceeding the $6,000 limit.
  • George Stone– contributed an aggregate of $8,250 exceeding the $6,000 limit.
  • Clarence Meadows– contributed an aggregate of $8,000 exceeding the $6,000 limit.
  • Gregory Proctor– contributed an aggregate of $8,000 exceeding the $6,000 limit.
  • Kenneth Ulman– contributed an aggregate of $6,500 exceeding the $6,000 limit.
  • Pascal Crosley– contributed an aggregate of $7,000 exceeding the $6,000 limit.
  • Chetan Mehta– contributed an aggregate of $6,100 exceeding the $6,000 limit.

While Calvin Ball continues to be funded by special interests and illegal contributions, Allan Kittleman’s grassroots campaign continues to surge ahead with support only from individuals and contributions of $250 or less. Today, Allan’s Campaign received another $27,925 from the Citizens’ Election Fund, bringing the total raised through small donations and matching funds to more than $800,000.

For reference, the full letter sent to the State Board of Elections is attached here.


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