Governor Larry Hogan makes case Kittleman is best choice for Howard County Executive in TV ad

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WEST FRIENDSHIP, MD –Governor Larry Hogan endorsed Allan Kittleman for Howard County Executive in a new TV commercial set to air today.

Governor Hogan, who has maintained incredible support from Republicans, Independents, and Democrats across the state because of his common-sense approach to government, believes Kittleman’s independent and bipartisan leadership is needed back in Howard County.

“I know that Maryland works best when you have balanced government, but we’ve seen in the last four years what happens when you don’t have that balance in Howard County,” said Governor Hogan. “Schools and neighborhoods are less safe and more political than ever, and recent tax increases are making it harder to make ends meet.”

Under Calvin Ball, Howard County removed School Resource Officers (SROs) from Middle Schools, redistricted kids away from their neighborhood schools, and significantly raised taxes and fees. Howard County has also seen spikes in violent crime, including the highest number of homicides last year since 1984.

“Folks can trust Allan Kittleman to fix these problems because I’ve seen him do it before,” Governor Hogan added.

Allan Kittleman is committed to returning SROs to schools, ensuring students can attend their neighborhood schools, cutting taxes, reducing violent crime rates, and getting the undue influence of big money out of politics by not taking a single dollar from special interests.

“I am honored to have Governor Hogan’s endorsement,” said Allan Kittleman. “The stakes couldn’t be higher as we head into this election, and so I sincerely appreciate having one of Maryland’s most popular and effective governors by my side as we work to get Howard County back on track.”

To see the full video on Allan Kittleman’s YouTube Channel, visit:

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