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This Letter to the Editor was printed in the Baltimore Sun here on May 15th and was written by Sharonlee Vogel of Columbia.

Over the past year, inflation in Howard County has raised prices by over 8%. We are paying more for gas, more at stores, and on top of that, we are paying more in taxes and fees. Under Howard County Executive Calvin Ball, our fire tax has increased 34%, our trash fee has gone up almost 50%, and if we want to downsize, we are even losing more there with our transfer tax going up 25%. These are just a few of the increases that have occurred under his watch (”Howard County school officials ask County Council for more money in fiscal 2023,” May 3).

It’s tough enough to try and stay in Howard County to be near our kids and grandkids, but these continued increases make it really hard to live and survive here.

I understand we all need to pay to support the great amenities we have, but I really don’t see any additional improvement there, do you? It makes me wonder if we are getting the best value for our tax dollars, at a time when we ourselves could use every penny.

If we want a more affordable Howard County, we need a change in leadership and a new county executive.

— Sharonlee Vogel, Columbia

Allan H. Kittleman

Allan Kittleman is running for Howard County Executive in 2022 to make Howard County a more affordable, safer, and welcoming place where kids can learn in their neighborhood school and folks can comfortably live, work and play. Allan is not taking any donations amounting to more than $250 and is taking ZERO dollars from special interest groups, political parties, trade unions, or corporations. Join our campaign today. Sign up at

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