Invite Your Friends and Family To Attend The 2021 Kittleman Picnic Fundraiser

This is really important -

As a participant in the Citizens Election Fund (CEF), Howard County's public campaign finance program, Allan Kittleman and can only accept donations from individuals up to $250.

This means businesses, special interests or political action committees cannot donate to Allan's campaign, but it also means every time a Howard County resident donates $250, the CEFund will provide Allan's campaign $600 in matching funds.

The match only kicks in after we meet a threshold of 500 donations, so Allan's campaign team is working hard to sell as many picnic tickets as possible.

Will you help us qualify for the CEF matching funds by inviting 5 of your friends to join us at the picnic? Please use the form below to send an email to your friends and family inviting them to attend.

As you know, picnic tickets are only $30 and we inviting folks who donate the maximum of $250 to attend a private reception at Allan's home. If enough Howard County residents donate $250, our campaign will eligible to receive up to $700,000 in matching funds.

Invite Your Friends to the 2021 Kittleman Picnic


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When you hit submit, we will send the following text in an email to the addresses you entered above. Don't worry, you'll be cc'd on every email sent.

Subject: Are you free on Sunday afternoon?

Message: I'm headed to the Kittleman Picnic in West Friendship this Sunday and I am hoping you will come with me. Allan's picnic is a fundraiser for his grassroots campaign and is always a really fun event. They have Mission BBQ providing the food and will have beer and soft drinks available. Let's go! What do you say?

Tickets are only $30 and you can get them here on the Kittleman website.

Let me know...thanks!

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