Kittleman Calls On Ball To Immediately Extend Aging in Place Tax Credit

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With National Inflation estimates touching 9%, Calvin Ball’s tax increases are hitting Howard County residents in vulnerable communities especially hard. 

Calvin Ball Tax and Fee Increases: 

  • Taxes on Real Property (Fire Tax) up 34%
  • Taxes on Personal Property (Fire Tax) up 34%
  • Taxes on Real Estate Transfers up 25%
  • Fees Assessed on Trash Collection up 48%

Perhaps no other population needs relief more so than Howard County Seniors on fixed incomes.

That’s why today, I am calling on the County Executive Ball to immediately move forward on an expanded Aging in Place Tax Credit that removes the current 5 year limitation on how long seniors can receive the credit. 

This will provide immediate relief to seniors who will soon lose their eligibility, but who will continue to pay taxes and live in Howard County. I can’t understand why Calvin Ball has been slow to react to make this a priority for his Administration, especially since he has had the legal authority since June 1, 2022. 

Inflation, rising costs, and Calvin Ball’s tax and fee increases are forcing people to pay more for less. If the Ball Administration fails to act right now, struggling seniors will be forced to leave their homes in Howard County and move further from their families. 

While immediately Extending Aging in Place Tax Credit is a critical step in the right direction, more must be done. 

As County Executive, I will make lowering the number of years a senior has to reside in their home to receive the credit (currently 35) a key component of my Day One Plan. Our seniors contribute to our community in many ways, and in this downturn, they deserve relief from rising inflation costs and County Executive Ball’s series of tax increases. 

The Kittleman administration established the Aging in Place Tax Credit in 2016. Now, due to state legislation that recently took effect, Howard County has another opportunity to expand the tax credit to help those who have, and continue to have, such a positive impact in our county.

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