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The Community Resources Campus gives residents single location for efficient service delivery

In June 2018, Allan Kittleman announced four human service agencies will relocate to the Community Resources Campus – the Department of Community Resources and Services (DCRS), Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), Office of Human Rights (OHR) and Community Action Council of Howard County.

“We’re committed to this project because we’ve seen firsthand that it helps residents access critical services,” said Howard County Executive Allan H. Kittleman.

“Rather than spending hours, sometimes days, traveling throughout the county, residents will go to a single location for their needs. Co-locating key agencies will improve the delivery of services and quality of life for our most vulnerable residents.”

Community Resources Campus: Efficiency in Service Delivery

The Howard County NonProfit Collaborative opened its doors in April 2017, and immediately county service providers saw the benefits of having multiple agencies together, accessible by public transportation. As of June 2018, as many as 16 non-profits office within the NonProfit Collaborative located at 9770 Patuxent Woods Drive in Columbia.

Nonprofit organizations on campus at the NonProfit Collaborative include: the Association of Community Services of Howard County; Athelas Institute; Bridges to Housing Stability; Camp Attaway; Compass, Inc.; Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center; Greater Baltimore Urban League; Heritage Housing Partners; HopeWorks; Howard County Autism Society; Howard County Housing Commission; Howard EcoWorks; MakingChange; Mediation & Conflict Resolution Center; United Way of Central Maryland; and Volunteers of America Chesapeake.

“One of the ways we ultimately will be judged as a society is in how we take care of those in need. We envision this center as a facility that will consolidate assistance, increase collaboration among agencies and improve the efficiency of the delivery of services, all with the goal of helping clients get improved access to the care and support they need.” – Allan Kittleman

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In March, the state’s Board of Public Works approved a new lease for the Howard County Department of Social Services – a state agency – to move into two buildings on the new campus as well. That move is expected to take place early next year.

“As our county has grown, the number of people needing help has also grown, as well as the complexity of their needs. We believe they will be better served with increased collaboration among local, state and nonprofit service agencies,” said DCRS Director Jackie Scott.

DCRS comprises eight offices that provide direct services to county residents. These offices will be located in 9830 Patuxent Woods Drive, including: ADA Coordination; Aging and Independence; Children and Families; Community Partnerships; Consumer Protection; Human Trafficking Prevention; Local Children’s Board; and Veterans and Military Families.

Along with DCRS, the county’s housing department and Office of Human Rights will be relocated to the campus at 9820 Patuxent Woods Drive. The Community Action Council, which provides Head Start, the county’s Food Bank, energy and housing assistance and other programs, will also have offices in this building.

In addition to relocating county human service agencies, Kittleman requested a review of the Regional Transportation Agency (RTA) bus service to the campus. Two new stops have been added within the campus and a third is expected to be added soon. Kittleman also directed improved pedestrian connectivity to make it easier for clients to walk from one building to another.

For more information and a site map for the Community Resources Campus, click here.

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