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For Allan Kittleman, Civil Rights, Inclusion, and Diversity is Priority #1

As Howard County Executive, Allan H. Kittleman has:

  • Preserved the Harriett Tubman School and created the Harriet Tubman School Advisory Council
  • Established the #OneHoward Program to address concerns of racism, intolerance and bigotry that have surfaced in the community.
  • Established the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Commission as a permanent County commission.
  • Established the County’s first Elhart E. Flurry Award to be presented to a Howard County civil rights Leader at the annual celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Named the Leola Dorsey Resource Center to honor the local civil rights activist.
  • Appointed a very diverse and qualified cabinet of County department leadership upon taking office. The representation of women and minorities in these top leadership positions reflect the diverse Howard County population.
  • Strongly and publicly called for expedited action to remove Sheriff Fitzgerald from the position in the wake of findings from the Office of Human Rights that he made derogatory statements about minorities in the workplace.
  • Removed a Confederate monument from County property and relocated it to the Howard County Historical Society Museum where it could be displayed in a historical context.

Preserving the Legacies of Local Civil Rights Leaders:

Allan H. Kittleman believes in preserving the legacies of both local and national civil rights leaders and their impacts on our community.

Upon taking office, Allan H. Kittleman initiated the transfer of ownership of the Harriet Tubman School building.

The county’s last segregated high school, closed in 1965, had been used for more than three decades as office and storage space for the school system’s maintenance and school construction departments.

However, the transfer to the County ensured the building would be preserved as a historic, educational and cultural center.

Allan Kittleman created the Harriet Tubman School Advisory Council

Allan Kittleman also created the Harriet Tubman School Advisory Council, comprised of former students and community leaders, to ensure the center would truly be given back to the community and best utilized to honor the legacy of the school.

Allan H. Kittleman also:

  • Established the county’s first Elhart E. Flurry Award to be presented at the annual celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Named the Leola Dorsey Resource Center to honor the local civil rights activist
  • Established the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Commission as a permanent county commission.

A proven leader on LGBTQ+ issues,

Allan H. Kittleman has long been a friend of the LGBTQ+ community and has continued to fight to ensure the community is treated with fairness and compassion as County Executive.

Advocates remember then Senator Allan Kittleman took the courageous stand to cast a vote for Marriage Equality in Maryland, and in the process, relinquished his position as Senate Minority Leader.

As County Executive, immediately upon taking office, Kittleman created Howard County’s first LGBTQ+ Roundtable. The creation of the roundtable followed through on his promise to proactively reach out to the LGBTQ+ community to ensure they had a seat at the table in his administration.

Issues and concerns shared directly by members of the community at the roundtable have led to significant and meaningful changes to County government operations and procedures.

Allan H. Kittleman also named the first LGBTQ+ Liaison in Howard County Government.

The LGBTQ+ liaison serves as an advocate for our LGBTQ+ residents and employees, and connects them with the resources of Howard County Government.

Allan H. Kittleman was the first Howard County Executive to:

  • Appoint an African-American to serve as the chief of the Howard County Fire & Rescue Services Department, Chief John Butler
  • Establish LGBTQ+, Hispanic, and Asian Roundtables
  • Host a County Iftar Dinner for the Muslim Community in addition to continuing the tradition of celebrating Hannukka, Diwali, Lunar New Year, and Kwanzaa amongst others
  • Create a Hispanic Leadership award, presented at the County’s Hispanic Heritage Month celebration


To address concerns of racism, intolerance and bigotry that surfaced in the community, particularly among students on social media, Allan Kittleman created the #OneHoward initiative.

The initiative was created in November 2016, and continues to promote community dialogue and reinforce the county’s shared goals of diversity and inclusiveness through a series of community conversations and educational events.

To date, thousands of students in Howard County’s middle and high schools, as well as Howard County Community College, have participated in this initiative.

Allan Kittleman also ordered all departments within the Howard County Government to review their policies and ensure all individuals they served be treated with dignity.

In 2016, Allan H. Kittleman submitted legislation to create a Howard County Commission for Transitioning Students with Disabilities.

After speaking with countless advocates, parents, and students in the community, Kittleman recognized the importance of establishing a permanent commission in County government to best recognize and serve this particular community.

Specifically, the Commission for Transitioning Students with Disabilities is tasked to advise County government in establishing an effective, efficient, and comprehensive delivery of services that will most successfully meet the transition needs of Howard County students with disabilities as they transition to postsecondary education, employment, and adult life.

Leading by example

Allan H. Kittleman leads by example in encouraging Howard County Government employees and residents to participate in meaningful programs and events that specifically serve the special needs communities.

Project Search

One such program is Project SEARCH, a workplace training program for students with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Kittleman continues to embrace this program by ensuring internship opportunities within County departments and encouraging both public and private organizations and businesses to participate.

In fact, many former Project SEARCH interns are now in paid employment including several with the Howard County Government.

Kittleman is also an annual Super Plunger at the Maryland State Police’s Polar Bear Plunge, a fun — but chilly — event, which raises money to benefit the athletes of Special Olympics Maryland.

Kittleman dedicates a plunge, one per hour for 24 hours, to specific Howard County Public Schools in addition to organizations which make meaningful impacts in the County.

Addressing the needs of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Community

Allan Kittleman was awarded the “Outstanding Public Official Award” by the Governor’s Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in recognition of the work he has done to benefit the community throughout the State.

Addressing the needs of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community is particularly significant to Allan Kittleman as his wife, Robin, is a speech pathologist who works in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program in the Montgomery County Public Schools and served on the Board for the Maryland School of the Deaf.

Since taking office, he has expanded access and engagement for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community by including sign language interpreters at county events and closed-captioning videos.

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