Kittleman Receives Endorsements from Howard County Law Enforcement Veterans, including 3 former Police Chiefs


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WEST FRIENDSHIP, MD – Key former leaders of Howard County’s Police Department who served under previous Democratic and Republican administrations have endorsed Allan Kittleman to be the next Howard County executive. 

The leaders, whose service stretches back to the administrations of County Executives Jim Robey and Ken Ulman, noted that the safety of Howard County is heading in a troubling direction. 

Over the past few years, the number of carjackings has more than doubled. Last year, the number of homicides was the highest since 1984. The number of proactive traffic stops conducted by police officers has declined to its lowest levels, while the number of traffic-related deaths have climbed to its highest levels. 

All agreed that this has to stop, and Allan Kittleman is the only person who can get the county back on track.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of so many incredible Howard County leaders,” said Kittleman. “It’s clear that our schools, our roads, and our communities have become less safe in recent years, and I appreciate the support of these public safety leaders to help us reverse these concerning trends.”

Former Howard County Police officials endorsing Kittleman include:

  • Gary Gardner, former Police Chief appointed by County Executive Kittleman
  • Bill McMahon, former Police Chief appointed by County Executive Ulman
  • Wayne Livesay, former Police Chief appointed by County Executive Robey
  • Mary Levy, former Major
  • Ellsworth Jones, former Major
  • Jeff Spaulding, former Major
  • Daniel Coon, former Captain
  • John Newnan, former Captain
  • Bianca Francoeur, former Detective

Quotes from former Howard County Police Leaders

“Howard County needs a leader who will support police officers during challenging times, and ensure they have the resources necessary to keep our communities safe,” said Gary Gardner. “Allan Kittleman is the leader Howard County needs, and someone who truly embodies proven, independent leadership. I have tremendous respect for Allan, and that is why I am supporting him for Howard County Executive.”

“Our police officers do not have the support of County leaders right now,” said Bill McMahon. “While the number of homicides and traffic-related deaths are at all-time highs, our officers do not feel they can do their jobs and protect our community. This needs to change and that is why I am voting for Allan Kittleman.”

“Without the leadership to ensure our police officers are part of our community, violent crime will continue to rise,” said Wayne Livesay. “That is why I am supporting Allan Kittleman to be Howard County’s next County Executive.”

“As County Executive, Allan ensured our officers were supported in our communities and in our schools,” said Mary Levy. “We need that kind of leadership if we are going to stop the rising violent crime Howard County is experiencing, and that is why I am supporting Allan Kittleman to be the next County Executive.” 

“In recent years, Howard County has had record highs of traffic fatalities with all-time lows in officer initiated traffic stops, even as vehicular traffic returned to pre-pandemic levels,” said Ellsworth Jones. “Our roads and our communities have become less safe, as Howard County Police officers remain concerned about conducting proactive enforcement. Our police officers need to know they have support from their leaders, something I see as lacking from the current Administration. That is why I am supporting Allan Kittleman.”

“Allan is an honest, independent leader, and he cares deeply about the community,” said Jeff Spaulding. “Howard County needs a leader focused solely on solving the problems of Howard County with fact-based decision-making. That is why I am supporting Allan Kittleman for Howard County Executive.”

“Our County is on the wrong track. The morale of our police officers is at an all-time low. Crime and taxes continue to rise, and growth is outpacing services,” said Daniel Coon. “We need a leader who puts residents first, and not politics. A leader who will bring Howard County back together, support public safety, and bring our police officers back into our schools and communities. We need Allan Kittleman and that is why I’m voting for him to be our next County Executive.”

“If Howard County is going to stem the rising violent crime, Howard County will need better leadership,” said John Newnan. “Howard County needs a leader who will put politics aside to do the right thing. Howard County needs Allan Kittleman, and that is why I am supporting him to be the next County Executive.”

“As a former Howard County Public School coach and a former member of the Howard County Police Department (as both a patrol officer and detective), I understand the importance of community policing,” said Bianca Francoeur. “I sincerely appreciate Allan’s genuine commitment to our community, and I am pleased to support him for Howard County Executive.”

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