Get Big Money Out of Politics

Allan is making history as the first County Executive candidate not to take special interest money, and he is committed to continuing not to do so as County Executive—marking the first time in history Howard County’s leader will not be receiving large donations while making decisions about the county’s future.

Allan is participating in Howard County’s newly formed local public campaign finance program, the Citizens’ Election Fund (CEF). While in the program, Allan is not accepting any donations from any special interest groups, including development companies, PACs, businesses, etc. Instead, Allan will only be taking donations from individuals, and only up to $250 for the entire campaign.

Kittleman Record

Allan has been a long-time supporter of public campaign financing. As a State Senator, Allan voted in 2013 to allow local jurisdictions in Maryland the opportunity to create public campaign finance programs.

As County Executive previously, he vetoed legislation proposing to fund the program through tax dollars, simply because other programs at the state and federal levels are funded voluntarily through a check-off box on your taxes, and he didn’t believe this was the best use of tax dollars.

The County Council decided to continue to fund the program via tax dollars, but that hasn’t stopped Allan’s support for public campaign financing and that is why he is participating in this first-of-its-kind program.

Through his participation in the CEF, Allan is building the largest grassroots campaign in Howard County history—already receiving donations from over 1,600 individuals.



A Stark Contrast

Calvin Ball is not participating in the Citizens’ Election Fund, and has doubled down on receiving special interest money. Already, he has received over $675,000 from special interests, including over $80,000 from one developer alone.

There have been additional concerns raised about the influence of special interest money in Calvin Ball’s administration with revelations about Ball’s pervasive use of his county office for campaigning. His clear favoritism toward big donors who skirt the intent of campaign finance laws in further evidence of his ethical lapses. Ball has accepted illegal contributions from several individuals as well as has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from developers.



Looking Ahead

Once elected, the community will know that Allan Kittleman is solely acting in the best interest of the community—not special interests or his personal political future—because he is committed to staying in the program as County Executive as well. That means he will be the first County Executive not accepting money from big donors/special interests while in office.

Not only that, but it’s clear that the residents of Howard County deserve more transparency from their government given recent transgressions by the Ball administration. It is for this reason that Allan is committed to establishing an independent county Inspector General to ensure officeholders remain accountable to our community.

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