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When we needed him, Allan Kittleman was there.  Now it’s our turn to be there for him.

Here are three important things you can do to help ensure Allan wins re-election tomorrow.

1) Make a plan to get to the polls. Voting is easy to forget about, especially when the weather is bad.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Mark your calendar and remind your boss that everyone has two hours free time on Election Day to go vote.

2) Encourage your friends and neighbors to vote for Allan via text, phone, or email.

Just open up your smart phone’s address book and text away!

Don’t assume your friends & family are voting. Sometimes a quick call or text urging them to get out is all they need.

3) Ask if anybody needs help getting to the polls to vote for Allan. 

Make sure your voting age children and parents can get themselves to the polls. Do they need a ride? Now is the time to make sure.

The polls open at 7:00 AM and will close at 8:00 PM.

If you need help finding where your polling place is, please click here to use the Board of Election’s polling place locator app.

If somebody needs a ride to the polls to vote for Allan, call Lee Sachs at 410-428-3489, and the Kittleman campaign will pick you up and take you to your voting place.

I can tell you that Allan’s record of achievement and his lead in the polls will mean nothing if his supporters fail to vote tomorrow.

Every. Vote. Counts.

If we all do our part, I know we will be successful when the polls close. Thank you for your support.

Now let’s get out and vote Allan Kittleman!

The Kittleman Campaign will be making Get Out The Vote calls tonight and tomorrow from here at HQ.

Please stop by 8480 Baltimore National Pike, Suite 408 in Ellicott City to help turn out our supporters.