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Help Defend and Preserve Allan Kittleman’s Veto of CB-9!

Proponents of CB-9, PATH, and others are working overtime to over turn the County Executive’s veto. They only need one council vote and they will stop at nothing to ensure they are successful.

We cannot allow this to happen. We MUST defend the County Executive’s Veto.

Please donate today.


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State of Maryland Compliance Disclaimer

The Maryland State Board of Elections requires political campaigns to report the employer and occupation of contributors. Contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. Election law limits the amount individuals, corporations, associations and partnerships may contribute to be no more than $6,000 to the Committee to Elect Allan Kittleman during the 4-year election cycle. MD PAC’s may contribute up to $6,000 during the 4-year election cycle, with no aggregate limit.

Authority: Committee to Elect Allan Kittleman, Brad Myers, Treasurer.

And if you want to mail a donation, our address is:

Committee to Elect Allan Kittleman
P.O. Box 282
Simpsonville, MD 21150

*Please make checks payable to “Committee to Elect Allan Kittleman.”