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Bessie Bordenave and Rev. Doug Sands, two long-time civil rights leaders in Howard County, have endorsed Allan Kittleman for re-election as Howard County Executive.

“Allan tries his very best to include all people in the decisions that he makes because it affects all of us.  You don’t find that a lot of times in politicians,” Bordenave said. “I know within my heart what Allan has done. I’ve seen what he has done. And most people in the county have seen what he has done.  I didn’t support Allan four years ago, but he’s earned my vote.”

“I’ve seen Allan Kittleman take backlash from his own party and friends, just to do the right thing.  That takes a lot of courage. He’s a rare breed, and somebody we need to keep as our County Executive,” Sands said.

“I am so honored to have the endorsements and votes of such incredible people.  Bessie and Doug have been fighting for civil rights their entire lives,” Kittleman said.  “I’ve known Doug practically my entire life and he epitomizes everything that is good and decent with our county.  And, Bessie is so much of what we all try to be-fair, honest, and a fighter for what she believes. Their support means the world to me.”

Bordenave and Sands also recorded a commercial that is airing on social media.  Click here to see them talk about their endorsement of Kittleman.

Kittleman has a strong record on civil rights, diversity and inclusion.  As County Executive he:

  • Preserved the Harriett Tubman School and created the Harriet Tubman School Advisory Council
  • Established the #OneHoward program to address concerns of racism, intolerance and bigotry that have surfaced in the community.
  • Established the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Commission as a permanent County commission.
  • Established the County’s first Elhart E. Flurry Award to be presented to a Howard County civil rights leader at the annual celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Named the Leola Dorsey Resource Center to honor the local civil rights activist.
  • Appointed one of the most diverse and qualified cabinets of County department leadership in the history of the County.
  • Strongly and publicly called for expedited action to remove Sheriff Fitzgerald from his position in the wake of findings from the Office of Human Rights that he made derogatory statements about minorities in the workplace.
  • Removed a Confederate monument from County property and relocated it to the Howard County Historical Society Museum where it could be displayed in a historical context.

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Kittleman was elected to serve as Howard County’s 9th County Executive and sworn into office on December 1st, 2014. Since taking office, the Kittleman Administration has earned high marks for turning around an inherited $16M budget deficit and creating a $28M surplus just 24 months later through effective management and fiscal prudence.

In almost four years as County Executive, Kittleman has proven himself to be an independent leader focused on improving the lives of families in Howard County. Kittleman has fought to create jobs, improve schools, and reduce traffic congestion in Howard County. He made rebuilding Ellicott City a priority after the floods of both 2016 and 2018, focused efforts on celebrating the County’s diversity, and turned Downtown Columbia into a reality, all in a fiscally prudent and open manner.

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