Public Safey - The Kittleman Record

Howard County public safety officers know that Allan Kittleman is the right person to lead the county forward by supporting law enforcement and helping build relationships with the community.  Howard County is experiencing record levels of violent crime.  In 2021, the county had the most homicides since 1984-the highest in history-and carjackings have more than doubled over the last three years.

From 2018 to 2021, traffic safety stops performed by HCPD declined by 76%.  While a decline in 2020 is understandable due to the pandemic, the drop actually started in 2019 and continued into 2021 when vehicular traffic was already back to 90% of pre-pandemic levels. (1)  Unfortunately, over that same time period, the number of traffic-related deaths grew by 65%.  Now, communities are being hurt by increased drag racing.  Enforcement by police officers help prevent unsafe driving, and also act as a deterrent to other criminal activity.  As a HCPD major said at a recent community meeting: “Where there is an absence of police, there will be crime.”  To reverse the course of violent crime, police officers need to be back in our community.

Kittleman Record

As County Executive, Kittleman held roundtables bringing the police and community together to discuss issues and form bonds.  When Howard County’s foreign-born communities were threatened by rhetoric coming from Washington, D.C. in 2017, Kittleman worked with several local organizations to forge a formal agreement to ensure that members of the county’s foreign-born community felt safe engaging with the police.

A Stark Contrast

The county is far less safe today and County Executive Calvin Ball’s lack of leadership has only made it worse.  Officers have scaled back their needed presence in the community during this period of higher crime because they do not feel supported.  In 2019, Calvin Ball also cut the HCPD Aviation Program without an alternative to fill the void, grounding a critical tool for non-invasive policing, search and rescue.

Making matters worse, County Executive Ball has gone through three police chiefs throughout his first term, creating leadership issues in the department.  This is the same number of police chiefs over the previous 3 administrations combined (20 years: 1998 to 2018). 

Looking Ahead

Kittleman will work with HCPD leaders to reestablish and build upon the strong community relationships he had originally fostered.  He will provide HCPD with the resources (training, staff, and equipment) they need to protect our community.

Leaders in the police community, including former Police Chiefs from both Democrat and Republican administrations, know that Howard County needs a change in leadership, and that is why they are endorsing Allan Kittleman for Howard County Executive.

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