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Kittleman creates #OneHoward program

In November 2016, Allan Kittleman announced the creation of the #OneHoward initiative to promote community dialogue and reinforce Howard County’s shared goals of diversity and inclusiveness while addressing concerns of racism, intolerance and bigotry when they arise in the community and on social media.

#OneHoward has hosted a series of community conversations and educational events and has provided grassroots training in local communities

Bringing together people to talk about our differences

#OneHoward hosted its first community forum on December 3, 2016, and featured representatives from government agencies, including the county police, the sheriff’s office and schools.

Leaders from various county and state organizations, religious groups and minority communities also participated.

The #OneHoward initiative has its own website and features a web-based and social media campaign called “Humans of #OneHoward.

These short, first-person essays highlight the diversity of people and stories that make Howard County so unique.  More than a dozen members of the community have contributed essays so far.

“County Executive Kittleman has been there for the men and women who protect Howard County’s people and property, and we want to be there for him. He has shown himself to be the type of person we can count on. His leadership, ability to stay above politics, and be an independent thinker make Allan Kittleman the one we want in office for another 4 years,” - Chris Davis, President, Howard County Police Officers Association, Lodge 21.

“Leadership starts at the top and Co. Executive Kittleman has been a true leader for Howard County’s law enforcement. The County Executive continues to support the police department’s efforts to reduce crime and to build partnerships with community leaders and its residents bridging the gap between the police and community,” - Jim Capone, President, Howard County Police Supervisors’ Alliance FOP Lodge 143.

“The initiatives that County Executive Kittleman has spearheaded have made big differences for our men and women in law enforcement. County Executive Kittleman deserves our support. Law enforcement and all of Howard County can count on him to provide the leadership our residents deserve,” - Ed Simmons, President, Howard County Sheriff’s FOP Lodge 131.

Howard County Law

Enforcement Supports Allan Kittleman

In July, the Howard County Police Officers’ Association, the Police Supervisors’ Alliance Fraternal Order of Police and the Sheriff’s Fraternal Order of Police formally endorsed Allan Kittleman for Howard County Executive.  Together, the three organizations represent nearly 500 law enforcement officials in the county

Public Safety Tax Credit

The Howard County Council approved Allan Kittleman’s legislation that established a $2,500 annual property tax credit for public safety officers who live and work in Howard County.

Those eligible for this credit include the County’s police officers, career and volunteer firefighters, correctional officers, deputy sheriffs and 9-1-1 public safety telecommunicators.

This tax credit is widely viewed as a crucial tool to aid in the recruitment and retention of first responders and encourages them to both live and work in the community they serve.

Allan Kittleman launches Howard County’s pathway patrol.

Allan Kittleman funded and initiated Howard County’ first pathway patrol unit in the Howard County Police Department.  Equipped with environmentally-friendly electric motorcycles as well as traditional bicycles, this specialized unit patrols more than 100 miles of pathways and dozens of parks in Howard County.

In addition to keeping those areas safe, the officers and their bikes have become popular attractions at the frequent “Bike with a Cop” events throughout Howard County.  Innovative and specially trained units like this one are among the reasons Howard County’s crime rate remains one of the lowest in the region.

“Howard County is home to excellent schools, wonderful parks, the best library system in North America and a vibrant and thriving business climate, but none of that would matter if first and foremost we didn’t have safe communities.

We are ensuring that through the delivery of comprehensive and exceptional police, fire and emergency services, where we promote a culture of respect and inclusion, and where the rights and safety of all residents are protected.”

--Allan Kittleman

Youth Advisory Council created

Another initiative of the Kittleman administration was the creation of a new Youth Advisory Council for the Howard County Police Department.  This group is designed to provide young people with a safe and engaging environment to interact with, and give guidance to, the Department.

Along with HCPD’s Youth Liaison Officer, the Department works to build bridges and trust among some of the youngest members of our community.

A number of youth outreach programs have increased in popularity under Allan Kittleman’s leadership, including the Community Athletic Program, BearTrax and the Youth Police Academy.

Kittleman Administration deploys innovative technology to make our community safer

Under Allan Kittleman’s leadership, the Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services became the first Maryland jurisdiction to utilize the smartphone app, Pulse Point.

The PulsePoint App

Available in iTunes and Google Play, this FREE app works to connect bystanders with sudden cardiac arrest patients prior to the arrival of first responders.

When a sudden cardiac arrest occurs, every second counts.  The sooner a victim receives CPR, the better their chances of survival.  PulsePoint alerts users who have indicated they are trained in CPR and are within a quarter mile of the patient, of the emergency so they can respond to render immediate assistance.

The app also shows the location of the nearest defibrillator, providing coordinates as well as a picture of the device.  More than 300 people a year suffer sudden cardiac arrest in Howard County.

New fire station comes to Elkridge

Allan Kittleman worked collaboratively with the Elkridge Volunteer Fire Department to develop a funding partnership for a modern fire station to replace an outdated and inadequate facility that opened in 1948.

The new 35,080 square foot full-service fire station opened in March 2018.  It provides fire suppression and emergency medical services.

The facility is a two-story structure with six pull-through double length apparatus bays, a physical fitness training room, kitchen and dining room, general use rooms, administrative offices, a large training room, and an all-purpose community room.

State-of-the-art design

The station’s state-of-the-art design incorporates extensive energy efficient and environmentally friendly strategies making it a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certified facility.

This is a “combination station” staffed by 21 career personnel across three shifts and 90 active volunteer members who provide nightly and weekend coverage as duty crews.

In addition to reducing response times to emergency incidents, the new fire station has already become a popular community gathering place for the EVFD and the community at large.

Another new fire station on Washington Boulevard in Jessup is also in the planning stages.

Kittleman reinforces fair treatment for Foreign Nationals

At Allan Kittleman’s direction, the Howard County Police Department reaffirmed its commitment to fair treatment for all members of the community, regardless of immigration status, with the release of a written policy that formalized HCPD practices.

Known as General Order, OPS-10, “Foreign Nationals” was developed in consultation with Howard County’s Foreign-Born Information and Referral Network (FIRN).  This Order collects into one document and clarifies the Department’s long-standing practices in immigration-related issues.

Kittleman Funds School Security Improvements

In addition to supporting School Resource Officers (SROs) assigned to every high school in the County, Allan Kittleman allocated funding in the county police budget to double the number of SROs at middle schools.

He also provided the funding for the Howard County Office of Emergency Management to contract a planning professional to assist the school system with developing and improving school safety strategies.

In just his Fiscal Year 2019 Capital Budget, Allan Kittleman provided $1.1 million to upgrade security at each high school.

More Police foot patrols

With Allan Kittleman’s support, Police Chief Gary Gardner expanded the police department’s mandatory foot patrol program, which in the past included places like shopping centers and apartment complexes, to include schools.

These interactive visits enable officers to be familiar with the layout of the schools in the event of an emergency; develop positive relationships with students, and get to know the administrators and front office staff at the schools in their patrol beats.

“Police officers and school administrators share the same goal of ensuring the security of every student in our county,” said Kittleman.  “There is no greater priority than creating a safe environment for our children.”


The police department is also planning for upcoming small-scale drills at schools during times when they are closed to help prepare patrol officers in case of an emergency.

"We've worked hard to improve the security of schools, residents, and infrastructure in Howard County." - Allan Kittleman

Police Body Camera Pilot Program

With Allan Kittleman’s support, the Howard County Police Department conducted months of research and policy development and participated in two 45-day pilot programs with body cameras.

Ten officers tested products from two vendors during back-to-back test periods.  The pilot data is currently under analysis by an independent consultant from Loyola University.

The consultant is reviewing technology, privacy issues and many other factors before launching a permanent program.

“Adopt-a-School” program connects Department of Fire and Rescue Services with schools.

Allan Kittleman participated in the signing of a partnership agreement between the Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services and the Howard County Public School System that define how the parties will work collaboratively on a new program linking each Howard County elementary school with its neighborhood fire station.

Kittleman leads effort for new Circuit Courthouse

Allan Kittleman earned the support of the County Council and members of the judiciary when he proposed a hybrid public-private partnership to build a new Circuit Courthouse on the site of the current Thomas Dorsey Building on Bendix Road.  The new facility will resolve deficiencies in the existing Courthouse, which was built 175 years ago.

Edgemoor-Star America will construct a 237,000 square foot courthouse that enhances safety and security.  The design features a four-story atrium, a large entryway that will provide safety screening for those entering the Courthouse and separate hallways and elevators for prisoners to enhance public safety.

The plan also includes office space and a courtroom for a sixth judge, a larger and more comfortable jury assembly area, and a 691-space parking garage adjacent to the Courthouse.

Edgemoor-Star America will finance the full cost of the construction and be responsible for design, construction and 30-year operating and maintenance of the building.  At the end of the 30-year contract the selected project company will return the courthouse to the County in a well-maintained condition.

Renderings of the new courthouse amplify an elegant and well thought out site plan that incorporates an iconic and aspirational design with an honorable and stately building. The building is sure to become an architectural landmark that expresses the values and traditions of Howard County’s justice system.

Construction of the new Circuit Courthouse begins in August 2019.  The Courthouse is expected to be ready for occupancy in summer 2021.

Students get involved

The partnership will help students and staff at each school get to know their nearby first responders.  Under the terms of the partnership agreement, firefighters and paramedics will visit their designated elementary school at least four times each year and will collaborate with school staff to provide training in life saving techniques, offer age-appropriate risk-reduction strategies, and discuss life safety programs.

“Our first responders serve a critical role in the community. This is just another way for them to partner with HCPSS and serve as positive role models for our children,” says school superintendent Dr. Michael J. Martianto.  “This partnership with the Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services will encourage students to better understand fire and medical safety and will strengthen the connections between families and fire and rescue first responders.”

Throughout the school year, HCDFRS visits schools with the mobile classroom known as the “Fire Safety House” to teach home fire and burn safety to school staff, parents, and community members, and will offer training in Hands-Only CPR, automated external defibrillator use, and Stop the Bleed. HCDFRS will also participate in at least one fire drill with each elementary school.

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