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On June 7th, Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman and District 1 Councilman Jon Weinstein co-authored an op-ed published by the Howard County Times that addressed the future of Ellicott City.

For the residents of Ellicott City, Howard County and beyond, we state unequivocally we will not abandon our historic town. We will rebuild – differently this time, as experience tells us we must proceed with a transformative vision.

The May 27 flood has dramatically changed the conversation. Residents and business owners are suggesting options they were not ready to consider after the 2016 flood.

We will save Historic Ellicott City through a plan that is bold, innovative and transformative. Let us stand together again to rebuild our town. We will preserve Old EC — to be even stronger, smarter and safer. – Allan Kittleman and Jon Weinstein

A direct link to the op-ed can be found here.