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Earlier this year, County Executive Allan Kittleman appointed Savage Community Association President, Susan Garber to serve on the County’s Planning Board. Susan will be a terrific addition to the planning board. She is as well qualified – or more qualified – than other Planning Board appointees. She has the support of many in the community.

Unfortunately, several members of the County Council have recently made known their political objections to Susan’s appointment and have indicated they may table her appointment.

Susan Garber’s appointment has been delayed long enough.

By signing the petition below, you will forward an email to each of the members of the County Council encouraging them to 1) vote on, and 2) support Susan’s appointment to serve as a volunteer on the County’s Planning Board.

For years, Susan has served as a local volunteer dedicated to numerous community projects and was even recognized by President Barack Obama with the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Lifelong Commitment to Building a Stronger Nation Through Volunteer Service.

In addition to serving as the Savage Community Association President, Mrs. Garber is one of the most hard working volunteers in Howard County.

She has been active in the preservation of the Patuxent River and surrounding parkland, maintaining historic sites, community engagement, and making Howard County a desirable place to live for seniors, parents, and young people alike.

There isn’t much time left. Sign the petition now to urge the Council to take action on Susan Garber’s appointment!!